Carte routable du Mozambique©
Mozambique Vectorial Map©
Mapa Vectorial de Moçambique©
Garmin-Karten von Mosambik©




É um Mapa Vectorial de Moçambique, para utilização em dispositivos GPS GARMIN  das series GPSMAP, Nuvi ou para PDA/PPC com o programa Garmin Mobile XT instalado.

Map of Mozambique is free of charge!

Search of WPT by category (Cities, Hotels, Fuel etc )

Provides time and distance of travel to the destination, by shortest  or fastest route, voice of GPS monitoring, recalculating routes.

Installation of the maps will be done by software Sendmap.exe. That you have to download and install it on your PC.

Its advisable to update  Driver USB and Firmware of your GPS.

The installation is performed directly in the GPS and not in Mapsource. The file to provide , will be unique for each GPS, so I need the ID of your GPS, to compose unlock code that enables the Sendmap only install the maps in a single device.

Improvements, corrections of the tracks and WPT, and of course the feedback function of the map of Mocambique,  are welcome.

No changes are allowed in the product distribution without the express permission of the author. As the product is free, any kind of business related to it will not be allowed.

I am not responsible for street, routes trails or WPT incorrectly located, since it was not possible to test them all, but I can attest that it worked globally in a fantastic way.





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